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Painting Clouds for Beginners

In a little less than an hour Dutch painter Janhendrik Dolsma demonstrates a 3 step method to paint life like clouds in oil paint. The division into chapters provides a clear insight into the required steps.
In addition, Dolsma shows in three 'Digressions' how artists through the ages have used all kinds of props to depict reality as realistically as possible. He ends with his own use of digital photography and the computer.

Video: Painting Clouds for Beginners

Movie format: Avi/Mpeg4. Size: 1.9 GB, 57 minutes, English voice over
- which substrates to use for this technique
- how to paint an underpainting with seamless gradients
- how to use the stipple brush and the badger hair fan brush
- how to transfer a reference photo or a sketch onto the panel
- how to mix and apply the paint in each separate step
- how to transform the first layer of the cloud into a shadow
- how to prevent a cloud becoming an isolated shape
- how to use a paint cloth to create realistic edges
- how to use the horizon to create unity between the sky and the ocean
- how to use the computer as a design tool

Playable on Win/Mac/Linux with UMPlayer. For problems, comments and questions, please contact info@janhendrikdolsma.nl

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