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Painting Evening Clouds for Beginners

Expert clouds painter Janhendrik Dolsma (the Netherlands) demonstrates how to paint evening clouds in oils. In his clear and relaxing style he introduces the colors and how to use them, as well as the techniques to achieve his surprising results.
In a short art-historic digression he also attempts to answer the question why evening scenes are often considered to be kitch.

Video: Painting Evening Clouds for Beginners

Movie format: Avi/Mpeg4. Size: 1.9 GB, 57 minutes, English voice over
which substrate and medium to use for this technique
which brushes you need and how to use them
which colors to use and how to mix them
how to paint an underpainting with seamless gradients
how to mix and apply the paint in each separate step
how to use your paint cloth as a tool
how to transform the first layer of the cloud into a shadow
how to prevent a cloud becoming an isolated shape
how to paint a reflection wet-on-wet
how the colors of the reflection differ from the clouds itself

Playable on Win/Mac/Linux with UMPlayer. For problems, comments and questions, please contact info@janhendrikdolsma.nl

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